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A very special place which provides respite care for Disabled Children in a 'home from home' environment, backed up with high quality professional support


Cherry Trees was set up in 1980 by a group of parents, doctors, and supporters who saw the need for respite care.

Who comes to Cherry Trees?

Children with learning difficulties and physical disabilities need particular care. For them every moment is a challenge. The care and support they receive from those around them determine how they meet that challenge.

Like all children they need patience, love attention and understanding. But because these special children are different from others they require an even greater intensity of care - 24 hours a day.

Of course the best place for them to receive that care is in their own home, surrounded by their own family. However, no matter how loving a family is, the nights of broken sleep and the constant need for time and attention can lead to exhaustion for the children, their brothers and sisters and parents.

What Cherry Trees can offer

Cherry Trees provides a loving caring environment for families in and around the Surrey area.. The care provided is very flexible and children can be aged from 0 - 19. There are places for 18 children during the day and 14 overnight. Stay at Cherry Trees can be for as little as a few hours enabling parents to go shopping or attend appointments for example, to up to 17 days to allow families to take a holiday. Regular planned day, overnight, or weekend care can be arranged, as well as emergency care in times of crises.


Cherry Trees relies on the generosity of individuals and groups to survive. Your contribution as an individual, group, or business will make all the difference. Please help us to continue to look after our special children and their families .

Thank you for taking time to read all about us. To find out more contact:

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