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"It is a great way to get to know other people in the Clandons"

Our aim is simply to provide an opportunity for all residents from East and West Clandon to get to know each other and keep in touch through a variety of events, information, services and assistance. We welcome new and current villagers from both East and West Clandon to join us.

Clandon Social Barn Dance

What we Offer

Clandon Social Evenings

Start 8pm and finish 10pm.
Telephone the hostess beforehand to reserve your place, preferably the week before, so that shopping can be done. A great way to catch up with friends and to meet new ones. Really friendly and relaxed. 

Dinner Party Group

Twice a year, groups of four willing couples create dinner party groups.  Each couple provides just one course.  A starter/main/dessert/cheese.  It’s a good way of meeting new faces and the evenings are great fun.  The Dinner Party Groups are organised at the end of December each year.   All those currently on the list remain on the list unless they ask to be taken off.  New people who are interested in joining are always welcome.

Winter Parties - for adults only

Quite often held in The Poppy Room, Royal British Legion, West Clandon
Approx imately 2/3 weeks before the party, all members are contacted by a  Rep, to find out if they are coming.  Each household brings a dish big enough to feed six people.  Either a chilli/curry, jacket potatoes/garlic bread or a salad or a pudding.  Each household may also need to make a small donation on the night for the hire of the Poppy Room (approximately £1- 2 per person).  The Poppy Room has a very reasonable paying bar.

Clandon Social - Summer Party

Summer Parties - for adults only

Members are contacted 2/3 weeks before the party by your Rep, to establish numbers and dishes.   Each household brings a dish big enough to feed six people of either a main course (coronation chicken/quiche/similar) or a salad or pudding. This event is normally held in a private house  Guests also bring their own drink (wine, beer, soft).  The Clandon Social’s  coordinator  helps  the party host to arrange the event.

Women’s Lunches

Start 12:45 and finish by 2-3pm. Main course and dessert, water/wine, tea/coffee. Lunches are held during school term time in different houses in the Clandons, very relaxed and informal, guaranteed to have a laugh. If you can’t cook – don’t worry just do simple food such as jacket potatoes/soup/sandwiches. If you are a budding chef – try out some of your special recipes. If you are new to the village, these are a really good way to make new friends, very relaxing and lively conversation.

Party Equipment hire

Cutlery, glasses (tumblers/wine/champagne) are available for Clandon Social members to use for a nominal hire charge of £5.  The hire charge is used to fund the replacement of any breakages.  The hirer is responsible for collection and prompt return of all items thoroughly cleaned, times to be arranged with the party equipment keeper.  Please note that you must return the items promptly, to be fair to other borrowers.

Babysitters List

For Clandon Social members only. There are over several  babysitters, aged from 14-25 years within the Clandons and Clandon Social members have access to the list.

A newsletter with updates on local events and activities.

All members receive the annual newsletter in Autumn and there are occasional emails about social activities, local meetings, local fundraising events and news about local organisations such as Clandon NSPCC, FROST, Cherry Trees, Clandon School, The Royal British Legion, Clandon Society, Parish Councils as well as Tennis tournaments, Tennis court hire and anything that might be of interest to members.

A contact list of members

Your membership  includes a copy of our database with names and contact details of all members of the group for your personal use only.  This information most not be copied, forwarded or otherwise distributed to third parties or used for any commercial purpose. with telephone, address and email. Clandon Social lunch


A local Representative
A list of local clubs
Local information


If you are interested in joining the “Clandon Social” group or if you would like further information please email:


The Rompers group was started in 1981 by a group of mothers with young children who lived in both East and West Clandon. In 2018 Rompers relaunched as the Clandon Social group , which aims to socially link people who live in the Clandons and inform new and existing residents of various events the group hold throughout the year.

Last Updated: October 2018

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