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The East Clandon Village email group brings you occasional e-mails of news and information about East Clandon village and parish. The subjects in the e-mails are as diverse as the residents of the village and range from Parish Council agendas and minutes, notice of planning applications, lost pets, services required, eggs for sale, former residents reminiscences, nuisances, crime reports and crime prevention suggestions and a whole variety of notices of church, community and other events. The village e-mail has no organisational affiliations.

The village email group consists of approximately 200 villagers, former residents and others working in or interested in our community (such as Borough Councillors and the Postman).

Joining the group

The service is unashamedly exclusive to those in the East Clandon community and subscription is by personal invitation only . If you are a new village resident and would like to be included, send an email to village@eastcland* with your name and house details and ask to be included.

Leaving the group

If you an email group member and wish to remove yourself from the list please email "" and you will be automatically unsubscribed from the group.

Sending a message

If you a an email group member and have village-related news or information for circulation to the mailing list, please email it to "". After a short delay for moderation by any one of 3 moderators, your message will be circulated.

Moderation Guidelines

The village website and email are both run as information sources about the village and parish of East Clandon. When deciding what to include in the website or which emails to approve for circulation the moderators' test has always been to ask whether the subject matter is about the parish or village of East Clandon. If not, it is generally not approved or posted.

These guidelines are intended to minimise the number of messages the group receives by limiting them to unique and exclusive East Clandon information that is not available from any other general news or information sources.

The email moderation process will not approve a message which:

  1. has content that is not relevant to this village group or does not follow these guidelines. e.g. promoting a Guildford travel company’s holidays in Nepal or the West Horsley amateur dramatic group are putting on a play.
  2. is a forwarded message where the originator is not a member of the Village email group.
  3. includes rude or abusive language.
  4. includes sexual innuendo or sexual content.  
  5. is a rant.
  6. is unintelligible and the message cannot be understood.
  7. includes large numbers or sizes of file attachments or images or excessively large size.

Last updated: January 2018


The village email was set up in 1999 by Peter Smart to exploit the wonderful 14K dial-up email services available in the village that year. Initially started with just 5 email addresses, members sent their message to Peter who re-formatted it and emailed it to a b.c.c. (blind copy) mail list of villagers. Broadband service arrived in the village in 2003 and the list reached 100 members in Spring 2007 at which time the service technology was transferred from Peter Smart to Google Groups, where it is expected to remain for the years to come.

The owner of the group is Peter Smart ably assisted by two moderators, Chris Harlow and Al Mundy.

Getting more from the group

If you subscribe yourself to Google Groups, you can access the village email group on the web. This gives you access to view the archive of past messages and the ability to customise your profile in the group.

If you have any questions email or call Peter Smart on 222710.

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