Memoirs and Archives

We have decided to create an electronic archive of memories of the village from current and former villagers.

A Look into the Past

This book is a collection of memories of the villages by Clandon people past and present with each chapter written by a different author.

The 85 page book was jointly published by the Clandon Society and the Parish Councils of East and West Clandon in 1991. As the book is now out of print an electronic version has now been made available to download in PDF format.

Memoirs of former residents:

Photo of East Clandon School children, 1922

(With thanks for this photo to Ted Hallet and his late mother, Ruth Eggleton)

East Clandon School children, 1922

East Clandon School children, 1922


If you have memories of living in the village which you would like to share and preserve, please email
the webmasters.

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