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Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 19th May 2003

Cathy McMullan (Chairman)
Richard Molvidson,
Roger Nickolds
Alison Woolgar
Mary Leech (Clerk)

Andrew Hogarth, Cllr David Davis, Cllr Jenny Wick

Also present:
Cllr Jen Powell
6 members of the public

1413 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 31st March.
The Minutes were approved, with amendments, and signed as a correct record of the meeting

1414 Matters arising.Item 1413 Footpath 74.
The Footpath Officer has now visited, and met with Peter Smart. He will be writing to the clerk, but in the meantime has promised verbally that the path will have a drainage ditch dug. Action Mary

1415 Planning matters
i. Clandon Manor Farm. A new Application is expected soon.
ii. Notification has been received from 'Waldon telecom' that prior approval is being sought for a telecommunication aerial at a site on the A246, opposite Hatchlands. No accurate maps have yet been received. The chairman and clerk were asked to write with objections raised at the meeting. Action Mary / Kathy

1416 Financial matters.
Cheques issued and monies received. Council members were provided with an itemised summary of accounts since the last meeting.

1417 Code of Conduct.
'Register of Members' Interests' book. Councillors are asked to declare any "Declaration of Interest" in any business during the course of council meetings. This book is displayed on the table for members of the public to see.In future, each agenda will have the added item: 'Declaration of Personal or Prejudicial Interest by Members on any of the agenda items below'

1418 Traffic calming.
Cathy reported recent contact with Mr Banisaeid, who said that the project is awaiting further design work. All villagers are asked to continue their vigilance in the reporting to Cathy of all traffic incidents in the village, in particular along the A246. Peter Smart is asked to send out this information on the village e-mail network. Action Peter Smart / Kathy

1419 Risk Assessment.
Cathy thanked the sub-committee of Richard, Roger and John for their compilation of the Risk Assessment document (draft, dated 4/04/03).
Relevant points:
i. the war memorial: Mary will try to ascertain, from the company which did the restoration work in 1996, a reasonable value for insurance purposes. Action Mary
ii. Tunmore Field - horse grazing. Matthew Pitt will be asked if he has public liability insurance, because the field has public access via the stile. When the annual agreement with him is renewed, proof of this insurance must be made available to us. Action Kathy / Roger
iii. Village Pond. It was agreed that we ensure that the grass surrounds are mown regularly, but that neither a warning sign nor a lifebelt are necessary. Stone markers round the edge are not suitable, and could themselves cause a hazard.

With these amendments, the document will be adopted at the next meeting, subject to sensible interpretation and an annual review in May. Action Sub-comittee
iv. Draft Asset Register (dated 18/05/03) was also approved. Discussion followed about which items should be insured. It was agreed that parts F and G of the Insurance Policy should be covered. Richard will finalise this with the insurance company, and obtain the sum for the premium due. Action Richard

1420 Any other business
the telephone box, after repeated vandalism, has now been repaired with clear plastic instead of glass.
ii. Village Hall committee, Parish Council representative. Richard was appointed for the coming year.Nominated by CathySeconded by Roger.
iii. FROST (Friends of St Thomas of Canterbury) who are wanting to maintain one aspect of our environment by looking after the parish church, were congratulated on their wonderful launch.

1421 Date of next meeting.
Monday 7th July.Dates of future meetings:The meeting planned for Monday 1 September has been changed to Monday 15 September.Monday 13 OctoberMonday 24 NovemberMonday 5 January 2004

Mary Leech, Parish Clerk




Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Annual General Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 19th May 2003 (back)

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr R Molvidson
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs A Randall
Mrs Alison Woolgar
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Mr A Hogarth
Cllr Andrew French
Cllr Jenny Wicks
Cllr David Davies

Also present:
Cllr Jen Powell
5 members of the public

Welcome by the Chairman, Dr Cathy McMullan

1. Cathy McMullan presented the Chairman's Report for 2002 / 2003
(to be seen on the village e-mail, and the notice-board)
Anne Randall, stepping down as councillor after ten years, was warmly thanked for her
valuable service to the Parish Council with a small presentation; appreciation was shown by all present.
Mrs Alison Woolgar was welcomed as newly elected councillor.

2 Financial Report for 2002 / 2003
Presented by Mr Richard Molvidson.
This Report was accepted by the council.

3 Election of Chairman
Dr Cathy McMullan was nominated;
proposed by Roger Nickolds
seconded by Richard Molvidson

In the absence of any further nominations, and with the full approval of the Parish Council, Dr Cathy McMullan was elected as Chairman.

Cathy proposed that after this year the chairmanship should be rotated among the elected councillors. This was agreed.

4 Any other business
Cllr Jen Powell, on behalf of Cllr Jenny Wicks and Cllr Andrew French as well as herself, thanked the members of East Clandon Council for their willing and devoted work for East Clandon.
David Brock-Doyle, from the floor, thanked the Council for the initiation of the traffic calming measures that are hoped to be soon implemented.

There was no further business.

Mary Leech
Parish Clerk