Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 24th February 2003

Cathy McMullan (Chairman)
Roger Nickolds
Anne Randall
Mary Leech (Clerk)

Richard Molvidson, Andrew Hogarth, Cllr David Davis

Also present:
Cllr Jenny Wickes, Cllr Jen Powell; PC Steve Hill and PC John Perry - see item
1410; 2 members of the public

1408 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 20th January 2003
The Minutes were approved with two amendments to item 1400.(Clandon Manor Farm): The Parish Council letter making our views known was read.(Telecommunications mast): the Parish Council has written objecting to the position.

1409 Matters arising
IItem 1407 ii. Bottle bank at the pub. Mary has met with the landlord of the pub, who objects strongly to the proposed removal of this bottle bank. She has written to the GBC Department of Environmental and Planning Services informing them of the pub's objections.

1410 Planning matters / Declaration of Interest
APC Steve Hill introduced PC John Perry who is our newly appointed Police Community Support Officer. Both were welcomed by the chairman.Steve told the meeting that the function of the PCSO is to be a visible presence in the community. John is employed by Surrey Police; he is based in Ripley and will be working in close partnership with Surrey Police Officers, with direct access to police resources. This position is funded by the Home Office initially as a 3-year appointment.In the course of general discussion, he told of the frustrations experienced by police officers when stolen property is recovered, but when it cannot be proven who the legal owner is it has to be returned to the thief. Steve informed the meeting that free property marking kits are available from himself and he urged people to mark their property. Peter Smart will be asked to put this out on the village Information System. (In addition to the notice board.)Steve and John were warmly thanked for their attendance at the meeting. Action Mary

1411 Planning matters
i. Clandon Manor Farm. Cllr Jenny Wicks said that this is still in negotiation. Mary will write to the Planning Department (Tim Dawes) to be sure that the council will be informed if there are any amended plans which need consideration.
ii.Home Farm. Notification has been received of approval.
iii.Telecommunications Mast. No decision yet received, but in conversation with the planning department Cathy has been told that prior approval has been given by GBC. Action Mary

1412 Financial matters
i, ii. Cheques issued and monies received. Council members were provided with an itemised summary of accounts since the last meeting.Mary will adjust the amounts in our reserve and current accounts in order to pay her salary before the end of the financial year.

1413 Village gardening contract for 2003
Three contractors had been invited to tender, on a three-year basis, in addition to one by Jim Bacon. In the absence of any written response from these three, the Council agreed to accept the tender from Jim Bacon. This will be for three years (until Autumn 2005), with an annual review by both the Council and Jim.Mary will provide a contract for both Jim and the Council to sign. Jim will present his invoices to Roger. Action Mary
It was noted with appreciation by the council that the National Trust has tidied the verge along New Lane.

1414 Traffic calming
Roger was thanked for collating all the responses to the village questionnaire. It is understood that the Local Transportation Officers will be using these results as a basis for the Open Meeting of the Local Committee which is scheduled for 6th March at East Horsley. Questions from the floor are welcomed at this meeting, preferably submitted in advance.

1415 Job description of parish clerk.
A job description of anyone employed by the Council must be made available according to the Freedom of Information model adopted at our last meeting. Roger will put together a draft form for consideration at the next council meeting. Action Roger

1416 Any other business
i. Departure of Richard Twigg and Jill Campbell. On behalf of the village, Cathy has written to Richard and Jill to thank them for the care which they have given to the village pond over the past several years.
ii. Vacancy on Council. Anne Randall has decided to step down as parish councillor at the AGM in May. The vacancy will be advertised on village information system. Action Mary
iii. Footpath 74. Anne said that this footpath is constantly very wet and muddy because there is nowhere for the surface water to run off. Mary was asked to contact the Footpath Officer to ascertain whose responsibility this is. Action Mary
iv. Telephone box. This has been vandalised. Already reported to BT.
v. 'Surrey Hills' post on Staples Lane. This has been knocked over: Anne will notify the Surrey Hills organisation.
vi. 'About Guildford'. The village has been asked for any contributions to the July issue before April. Mary will contact the editor for further information about the sort of article wanted. Action Mary

The meeting closed at 9:50 pm

Proposed Dates of meetings for the coming year
Monday 31 March (not 7th April)
Monday 1 September
Monday 19 May
Monday 13 October
Monday 7 July
Monday 24 November
Monday 5 January 2004

Mary Leech, Parish Clerk