The Parish Landscape

The Parish is only some 1,500 acres in size but features a variety of landscapes including downland, woodland, parkland, a golf course, pasture and arable farmland.
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The Forte Estate,

The 1,836-acre Ryde Farm Estate stretches from East Clandon in the south to Ripley in the North. The estate has been in the Forte family since the early 1960's and is presently owned by The Honourable Sir Rocco Forte. Often referred to as the "Forte Estate" in the village, it features 765 acres of arable land, 456 acres of woodland, sporting rights for game shooting over a further 407 acres, a main estate residence and 15 houses and cottages around the estate. Pheasants from the woodlands in the estate are commonly seen in and around the village between August and January. With the withdrawal of cattle and the closure of the dairy in 2009, some 450 sheep now graze some of the estate fields and are managed by Pam and James Wyman of West Horsley.

Hatchlands Park Estate

Located just east of East Clandon, on the north side of the A246, Hatchlands House comprises a house, garden and 422 acres of park and farm. The estate now owned and managed by the National Trust has grounds which cover a large part of the parish of East Clandon . The house was built in the 1750's by Admiral Boscawen but its was the son of its subsequent owner, William Sumner, who in 1800 consulted Repton about the park. Repton's 'dressed lawn or pleasure ground' surrounding the house has been considerably altered but the structure of the 18th century park remodeled by Repton is still evident. It is laid out as traditional 'parkland' and the grounds include woodland and pasture, some of which is rented to local farms for cattle, sheep and horse grazing. The surrounding grounds contain a number of park and woodland walks and a small Gertrude Jekyll flower garden.

Clandon Regis Golf Course

Set in over 170 acres of parkland and lies between East and West Clandon. The 18 hole course was designed by David Williams, and is 6,412 yards with a par of 72. Clandon Regis was opened in June 1994 and in 1995 and 1996 was selected for the final of the PGA Southern Professional Championships. The Club is owned by its members and is very proud of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that exists within its 650 members. For further information, contact The Club Manager, Clandon Regis Golf Club, Epsom Road, GU4 7TT.

Woolgars Farm & Cross Country Course

Woolgars comprises 568 acres of arable farm and is located to the south of the A246 off Blakes Lane on the slopes of the North Downs. The farm is run in conjunction with equestrian facilities - there are 21 stables and a floodlit indoor school. Woolgars has the longest equestrian cross-country course in Surrey. The course is 8 miles long and has 38 jumps which include a table, a bounce, steps, a coffin, Helsinki rails and a water complex. There are also a number of more difficult jumps including an arrowhead, trakenher and corners. The majority of jumps are about 2'6" to 3' high and the course takes just over an hour to complete. For further information contact 223302.

Blakes Lane Farm

Blakes Lane Farm comprises 90 acres of grassland and is located to the south of the A246. It used to graze a pedigree herd of cattle, unfortunately since the BSE crisis the cattle became unviable and the land is now used for private grazing and livery of horses, pet geese and hay-making.

The East Clandon Stream

By the time it gets to Ripley, it is known as the East Clandon Stream. Further south at its sources in the East Clandon Parish it is not normally recognised as much more than a small stream or seasonal ditch. The five primary sources in East Clandon parish are marked in blue on the map image below. From West to East:

  1. A spring in the north east corner of "Springfield" (now the Natural Burial Reserve) feeds a seasonal stream down to the 9th Tee and then joins (2)
  2. A spring arising in Old Manor Farm's field starts a seasonal stream on the sharp bend in Back Lane. It flows as a ditch alongside Footpath 74 westwards and adjacent to the northern border of the Golf Course before heading towards the station at West Clandon.
  3. A spring arising adjacent to Boscawen Cottage, Back Lane feeds a seasonal stream north under the railway line to the Ripley Road where it joins (5)
  4. A spring outside Frogmore Cottage, Ripley Road and the road gutters along the upper end of the Ripley Road come out at the northern egress of Sawpit Lane opposite Stuart Cottage. From here it flows in a culvert underneath the field due north and out near the Old Dairy buildings where it joins (5)
  5. From the large pond in Hatchlands Park, a stream flows out along an open ditch then in a culvert underneath the field due north to ponds alongside Old Crockery Lane.

Clandon River

The East Clandon Stream
East Clandon's Contributions to the Rivers Wey and Thames

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