Community Speed Watch

A group of trained volunteers (9 currently) carry out random speed checks in East Clandon, supported by Surrey Police. The purpose is to help reduce the speed of traffic through our village and thereby reduce the number of accidents on our narrow country lanes that were not designed to cope with the volume or speed of modern traffic. In many areas, it is not practical to have pavements, so residents have to walk in the road.

Full training is given by Surrey Police on how to use speed detection equipment safely. The equipment, supplied and maintained by Surrey Police, is shared with West Clandon. Volunteers, who can spare some 10 hours in 5 sessions per annum are most welcome. Times are chosen by the volunteers and are subject to suitable weather conditions.

Reported excess speeds (mainly on the Ripley Road) average some 43mph in a 30mph area. Owners of reported vehicles are contacted by letter by the Surrey Police. A typical 2 hour session would result in 20 to 25 vehicles being recorded at these speeds.

The coordinator in East Clandon is Adrian Thompson of Lamp Cottage, The Street, East Clandon GU4 7RY. He can be contacted on 01483 222687 and would welcome anyone interested in finding out more about the group.
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