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East Clandon Village Hall

Hall Facilities

Main Hall
Hot Water Urns
8 metres long x 6 metres wide, it features a wooden floor, 4 windows, memorial fireplace and wall lights.
6 metres wide x 3 metres deep with full stage curtains, curtain winch and wing curtains
Including cooker, microwave, fridge, water heater, main sink and hand basin.
With 25 double coat hooks.
Disabled Toilet TOILETS
Two toilets including one fully equipped for use by the disabled.
Hot Water Urns URNS
20 litre and 30 litre hot water urns can be easily filled using the 'bob-tap'
Tables and Chairs EQUIPMENT
65 chairs, 13 folding tables, hot water urns, kettles, crockery, cutlery, glasses and a range of cleaning equipment.

Hall Services

The hall is available for hire to villagers and non-villagers. Also available for hire to villagers only is the hall equipment including tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and kitchen equipment.

Hire Charges

  Villagers non-Villagers
Hall Hire £7.00 per hour or £40 per day £10 per hour
Table Hire £5.00 per day not offered
Chair Hire £0.50 per day not offered
Hot Water Urn Hire £5.00 per day not offered
Crockery No Charge not offered
Cutlery No Charge not offered

A full price list is available on request.

Who uses the hall?

Hall in use as a Polling Station
WI Ladies enjoy tea in the garden
A Springtime Art Class weekend
Hall in use as a Polling Station
A Springtime Art Class weekend

The hall is suitable for:

• Businesses meetings.
• Charity group meetings.
• Flower Arranging classes.
• Film and drama groups.
• Art Exhibitions.
• Dance/Exercise Classes.
• Plays
• Interest group meetings.
• Adult dinner and lunch parties.
• Wedding receptions.


Wall Clock
The Wall Clock
The wall clock was made by W.C.Nicklin of Guildford

Bookings for the hire of the Hall and Equipment can be made through Bug Robertson, Bookings Coordinator who will be pleased to show you around the hall facilities.

Telephone: 01483 223751

Management Committee

The Management Committee manages the hire, maintenance and improvement of the hall. It holds public meetings 3 times a year and its constitution requires it to manage the village hall "for the benefit of the inhabitants of East Clandon". The current Committee Members are:

Chair Arthur Hunking
Secretary Alexandra Elson
Treasurer John Herbert
Bookings Bug Robertson
Member Barry Kiddell

Minutes of the Village Hall Management Committee meetings

28th November
5th September
9th May
9th May - AGM
7th March
4th October
24th May
24th May - AGM
15th March
7th December
7th September
18th May
18th May - AGM
2nd February
6th October
9th June
9th June - AGM
14th January
3rd September
7th May
7th May - AGM
18th December
1st May
1st May - AGM
6th February
3rd October
28th May
28th May - AGM
7th February
3rd October
23rd May
23rd May - AGM
29th February
30th November
14th September
7th May
7th May - AGM
1st March
12th October 2010
18th May 2010
18th May 2010 - AGM

Hall History

East Clandon Village Hall was built in 1920 by Goodhart-Rendel for the use of the villagers.

Over the years it has been a Working Men's Club - the Ancient Order of Buffalos, a Woodwork club for the youth of East and West Clandon and in 1939 it served as the Home Guard Base. The Stage was used as a library and the school teacher was present twice weekly. During the Second World War the Hall was used by school children and evacuees. The original wooden kitchen (subsequently demolished in 1992) was built in 1940 as an office for Air Raid Precautions (ARP) and the Home Guard.

In 1968 the estate of the deceased Captain PRR Dunne (who had inherited it from Goodhart-Rendel) suggested swapping Tunmore Fields for the Village Hall. The Tunmore Fields had been given to the village by Goodhart-Rendel in 1948. The Parish Council did not accept this proposition and probably would not have been allowed by law to do this.

The estate rented the Village Hall to the Parish Council at 1d per year and the Parish Council was responsible for the decoration. In 1970 the estate reneged the right to use the Hall to collect rent and conduct auction sales. In 1974, the estate of Captain Dunne, having failed to agree with the Parish Council to give them Tunmore Fields, finally donated the Village Hall to the village.

In 1976 the Village Hall became a registered charity to be used by the villagers for their benefit and has been managed by a Management Committee ever since.

Roll of Honour

Fireplace details

Fireplace scrollAbove the fireplace in the village hall hangs a scroll which bears the inscription:

"These men of East Clandon served their King and country in the war 1914 - 1918"

The names of those who died in action are written in gold. Click here to view the names.

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